Freak The Freak Out: Victoria Justice Is 'Down' For A 'Proper' Victorious Finale

Freak Freak Out Victoria Justice Isdownfor Apropervictorious Finale

It's been nearly four years since the curtain closed on Nickelodeon's Victorious , but fans still want more from the Hollywood Arts High School squad. The bright side? Victoria Justice , who played star Tori Vega, is here to oblige. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

'If the decision was ever made to do a reunion, I’d be down for that, and I think everyone else would be too,' Justice told The Huffington Post in a new interview. The show was unexpectedly canceled in 2012 — Justice was 'shocked' and 'surprised' at the news — so the cast never filmed a final episode to tie up all the loose ends. Season 4 ended with BFFs Tori, Jade West, and Trina Vega being chased by mice .

'I feel like the fans never got a proper finale, so I wanted to give them that,' she explained.


The cast remains close friends today. They have a group text going at all times, so informal mini-reunions happen quite frequently. Most recently, they celebrated Cat Valentine's Ariana Grande 's 23rd birthday and gifted her with a magical Harry Potter rap .

A few selfies aren't enough to give fans the closure they're looking for, though. With creator Dan Schneider AND leading lady Justice onboard for something a little more concrete, things look promising for an official televised reunion. Hey, Zoey 101 fans finally got their answers after 10 long years. Hopefully Victorious is next.