Friendly Reminder: Jared Padalecki Was The Bully In Cheaper By The Dozen

Friendly Reminder Jared Padalecki Was Bully Cheaper Dozen

Two years before Jared Padalecki was good guy Sam 'Moose' Winchester on Supernatural , he was an uncredited bully in the 2003 remake of Cheaper by the Dozen . Yes, one half of the crime-fighting duo was actually a huge asshole to Tom Welling and Hilary Duff back in the day.

Remember this (smokin' hot) punk?

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He constantly made fun of Charlie (Welling) and Lorraine (Duff) Baker's non-rich lifestyle and threw 'hick' jabs at them every time he was onscreen. He even mooed at them less than a minute after their first encounter because he was just that kind of upstanding guy you'd definitely want to take home to your parents.

Moreover, he filled Charlie's locker with corn — you know, because Charlie's a country bumpkin, apparently — and laughed his face off while a horde of guys in towels laughed alongside their leader.

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So let us gather round and reflect on this role in Jared Padalecki's filmography as we celebrate his 34th birthday today (July 19). And as we binge Supernatural , read and write fanfic, wonder when Adam is ever gonna get the hell out of Hell, and sigh heavily because we are not Genevieve Padalecki , we should remember this iconic moment — and thank Chuck Shurley it happened during our lifetime.