'Fringe' Promises To Address Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop's True Origins In February's Winter Finale

Fringepromises Address Olivia Dunham Peter Bishops True Origins Februarys Winter Finale

Peter Bishop ( Joshua Jackson ) does not belong in this world — just ask his father, Walter Bishop ( John Noble ), the mad scientist that abducted Peter from an alternate dimension in order to replace the one that died in ours early in Peter's childhood. While the audience of ' Fringe ' is already aware of Walter's controversial decision, it's still a to amongst the show's characters... but not for much longer.

In an interview with Anna Torv ) own powers.

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'An event happens and our team realizes that something even worse is going to take place,' Pinkner said of the winter finale, possibly referring to the ominous warning made by the Observers in ' August .' 'The only way to identify what and where it's going to happen is if they can trigger Olivia's ability to recognize things from the other side.'

Apparently, Walter's childhood experiments on young Olivia resulted in the federal agent's ability to spot visitors from the alternate reality, a skill she hasn't fully utilized since those early days. But that's not the only trick up Olivia's sleeve.

'Last season, Walter was watching a video of an experiment he did on Olivia when she was a little girl — when he knew her as Olive — and she was in a room that had been scorched,' said executive producer Joel Wyman. '[As] a consequence of the testing, she became emotionally pyrokinetic and her ability to see beyond this realm shut down out of fear.'

But when her abilities to recognize beings from the alternate reality returns, Olivia senses that there is 'a sort of glimmer around' Peter, indicating that he is not of this world.

'One could think that Peter's arrival over here initiated these bad feelings and the state of what is going on over there,' teased Wyman. 'The episode we come back with [in April] will answer all of these questions.'

It sounds like we're in for a long wait between February and April. Luckily, we've got a few more episodes until then, starting with tonight's 'What Lies Below,' so make sure to check back tonight for a full recap.

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