From the Ashes of College Stephanie Honore MUST Rise

From Ashes College Stephanie Honore Must Rise

I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when my friend Brad (who runs ) instant messaged me with a tremendous notion that I think is going to change the universe for the better.

We, the internet movie mavens of the world, can make a difference. We can save lives .

What am I talking about? Well... you know that movie College that comes out this weekend? The film that won't be screened for anyone, the movie that hopes to steal from you opening weekend and then again with the unrated DVD? What if something good could possibly come out of it? What if we could rescue one poor soul who unwittingly became embroiled in its awfulness?

I speak of Stephanie Honore. She plays 'Gina's Friend' in College . She is also set to play 'Hottie #1' in Spring Break '83 . She was Ashley in Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (which I'm guessing was on television at some point this year).

Now then, I don't expect anyone to actually see College . That would be asking way too much. But keep Stephanie Honore in mind. Casting directors of Hollywood - give her a real part! She shouldn't be forced to play the 'Cocktail Waitress' in K-Ville any longer. We must pull her up from the ashes. Out of all this madness must come a life, a career, something worth writing home about.

I've done my due diligence here. I've looked at her IMDB resume. She can sing . She's done voiceover and improv. How's about we give her something to work with here? We can make her a STAR!

Movies like College just want to watch the world burn . Maybe Stephanie isn't the starlet we need right now. But perhaps she's the one we deserve. With great power comes great responsibility and has decided Stephanie Honore must be saved. Let it be written, let it be done.

To see who my friend Brad decided to save click here . Join us in our quest.