From DJ To Shoulder Pads? Lucas Till Discusses Droppin' Beats In 'Bravetown' And '80s Fashion In 'X-Men'

From Dj Shoulder Pads

In ' Bravetown ,' Lucas Till plays Josh, a teenaged DJ who is exiled from New York to live with his father in a small town after he overdoses on drugs. In his new school, he becomes an unlikely ally to the dance team, who use his remixes as inspiration to come up with new and surprising routines, finding recognition and praise for the first time.

The movie has a powerhouse cast surrounding Till, with Josh Duhamel playing his therapist and Maria Bello as his one-time addict mother. In an interview with MTV News, Till said that he was intimidated by his castmates, calling it a 'crucible of acting over four weeks.'

'It was nice, but it was also so nerve wracking, each week I would get a new pro actor to start over again, just when I was starting to feel comfortable,' he said.

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Of Bello, he said, 'She’s very intense. She can go right back out of yelling at me and be really sweet afterwards.'

Of course, 'Bravetown' isn't Till's only recent project. He's also in a little movie called ' X-Men: Apocalypse ,' filming now. We got Till to tell us what he could about the '80s-set film, in which he returns as Havok, and even to reveal whether he can still do the 'Boom Boom Clap' dance from his co-starring gig in the 'Hannah Montana' movie.

MTV News: First things first, I'm very glad 'Sk8r Boi' was in 'Bravetown.'

Lucas Till: Are you also someone who’s been trying to get a hold of that 'Sk8er Boi' remix? It’s just one of my favorite parts because I just remember how ridiculous it was. I wasn’t even acting when I came in, and I say something like, is this for real? or whatever, when I’m watching them dance. It’s close to my heart, that moment in that movie. So I do like that song.

MTV News: Are you a big 'Sk8er Boi' fan?

Till: No, I think that’s why I like the remix, you know. Yeah. [Laughs] Things you shouldn’t say on the record.

MTV News: You brought it up.

Till: Yeah, I know, I know. That’s why I’m calling myself out.

MTV News: You have some very serious DJ faces in this movie. What was your DJ face inspiration?

Till: You know what... I’m not a big fan of guitar face. You know, when someone’s playing guitar, and they make this really embarrassing face, like they smush their lips together and... they look you in the eye and it’s really humiliating. You know some people have that really embarrassing guitar face? I remember thinking about this when I was doing the DJing, because... you do have to focus, and that’s what happens, it’s your focus face. But you’re in a movie, so you should probably lock it up.

MTV News: Probably try to be cool when you do it.

Till: Right, yeah, exactly. So um, what was mine? Was mine furrowed brow? I remember it was hard because the director and lots of the guys were very Latin and they were like no bro, just move a little, move around a little bit more, and I was like no, I really don’t want to dance. You know, some people would have maybe been okay with me maybe dancing a little bit more, but I was like, nope, nope, I don’t want to do that. There’s always dancers, like let them dance, let me DJizzle.

MTV News: Are you a musical person? Do you like to dance?

Till: I’m saving it for the right movie. I love to dance. I’ve been told I’m actually really good. Like [co-star] Kherington [Payne] told me I’m really good, and she’s actually a really good dancer.

MTV News: What would you say is your signature move?

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Till: Have you seen that new Jason DeRulo video? I’ve been trying to do that. Oh man, he does some move on the microphone, and I’ve been trying to redo it. I do like moving my legs a lot, like maybe moon walk-y things. I don’t have like one move, because I try as much as I can. But I just love imitating impossible things that dancers do, you know. Like I was just watching 'So You Think You Can Dance,' flipping channels, and I was like man, I could never do that, but those are the moves that I try, you know? At least it’s really entertaining when I embarrass myself.

MTV News: I heard you're really good at impressions. Do you have a signature impression?

Till: The past couple days I’ve been trying to do James McAvoy and I can’t do it in front of him but everyone else has been saying it’s been really good. But I just lock up when you ask me to do it or when he does. But my James McAvoy one is pretty solid, that’s the one I’m working on, and one day I’ll do it for him, I guess.

MTV News: Speaking of 'X-Men,' this the first time that we’ll see Havok and Cyclops on screen together. I was just wondering if you could talk a bit about what that brotherly dynamic is like.

Till: You know what, I’m probably not allowed to say too much, but I will say that Ty [Sheridan], I’ve actually always, I’ve wanted to work with Ty Sheridan, just because I don’t know, with Southern actors you always think you’re from the same place. Even if one is from Texas, one is from Georgia, you’re like, 'oh, you’re just down the street, man.'

So, there’s always kind of a familial, brotherly feeling. Every time I work with real Southern actors... we immediately go into white trash and we just get along really well within one night, you know. I saw him in 'Mud' and I thought he was killer. And then he kept popping up around, and I was like, 'man, I really want to work with that kid.' And, then, what do you know, he’s playing my little brother now. And he’s my little brother’s age. So we get along pretty well. We just went to a hockey game. We were in a Canadians game. We got jerseys, it was pretty awesome.

MTV News: Can you tell us how central Havoc is in 'Apocalypse'?

Till: No, I can’t, I can’t. Well I definitely, I won’t have less than one minute of screen time this time, which is good.

MTV News: This one’s got a lot of rocking '80s fashion. Is there anything that you love wearing or anything you’ve been dreading wearing?

Till: Man, the '80s were pretty wacky. You had some stuff that was just so rad and some stuff that was just so wrong. But I guess that can be said about any decade. I just remember not wanting like a suit with shoulder pads in it. I think that was my only request, and that’s about it.

MTV News: Did they listen to you?

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Till: I can neither confirm nor deny.

MTV News: You’re very mysterious.

Till: That’s because there’s a guy with a loaded pistol smiling at me in the corner in a chair waiting for me to spoil the whole thing.

MTV News: And of course, you were in the 'Hannah Montana' movie. Do you still remember the 'Boom Boom Clap' dance?

Till: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, the Hoedown Throwdown. Actually, no. Yeah, but it’s always in pieces. I can do the whole thing, but it’s always in about three pieces, four pieces. I like get in, I get really into it, then I’ll be like nope, no that’s not it. Just like anyone. But yeah, I’ve embraced it.

'Bravetown' is in theaters now.