From Red To Green To Gray, See 5SOS’ Michael Clifford’s Hair Transformation

From Red Green Gray

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Ever since their 2014 self-titled debut album, 5 Seconds of Summer have only gotten bigger and better. Over the past year, they've established a super dedicated fanbase , started their own record label , embarked on their first worldwide headlining tour , and basically seem to have found their footing as a band.

That's a lot of change -- and it's all fueling the excitement for their sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good , which drops on Friday (Oct. 23). Fans have already gotten a promising taste of what to expect with the singles 'She's Kinda Hot' and 'Hey Everybody,' setting expectations sky-high.

Not only are 5SOS bound to sound different (better, even) on SGFG -- but they've also changed a lot individually over the past year. No more so than guitarist Michael Clifford, who has an amazing penchant for changing his hair color on the reg. So to celebrate how far 5SOS have come since last year, we're recapping Michael's hair transformation from their first album up until now. Check it out:

  • On June 27, 2014, 5SOS released their debut album. Here’s green-haired Michael on that very day, posing alongside the rest of his fetus-looking bandmates (holy #TBT!). Getty Images
  • And here’s a better look at those green locks three days later. Getty Images
  • By July, Michael still had the green hair in tact, but its green-ness was starting to fade every so slightly. Getty Images
  • On Aug. 23, he stepped out with some luscious purple hair. Lavender, if you will. Getty Images
  • Just a day later, he went light blonde for the VMAs. Getty Images
  • But by the next week, he had dyed his mane a fiery red. Getty Images
  • It stayed that way for the rest of September… Getty Images
  • …and even going into November. Getty Images
  • Until December 2014, when he went gray. Getty Images
  • JK, JK — that was just part of 5SOS’ hilarious Retirees Gone Rogue video, where they dressed up as adorable old people and raided Target. Getty Images
  • By year’s end, things were looking a little less neon — the red mane had turned slightly darker.
  • New year, new hair. In March 2015, Michael went back to a gray-purple hue. Getty Images
  • And by the end of that month, he was back to blonde. Getty Images
  • (But he kinda sorta returned to slime green for a hot sec at the Kids Choice Awards). Getty Images
  • In May, he went full-on gray… and ROCKED it. Getty Images
  • He debuted jet black hair on Instagram.
  • And it stayed dark all throughout June. Getty Images
  • By the next month, he embellished his dark mane with some blue and red strands. Getty Images
  • And by August, he had put feathers in there. Getty Images
  • But in early October, he went back to blonde (again). Only this time, it was a little less platinum. Getty Images
  • As of this week, he's still got those honey-colored locks. And we’re into it… but we won’t stay attached for too long.

5SOS fans, which of Michael’s hair colors is your fave? Tell us in the comments!