From Smokey To Debo, 20 Things We Still Love About 'Friday'

From Smokey Debo 20 Things We Still Love Aboutfriday

Although Friday came out 20 years ago, on April 26, 1995, the film has continued to influence pop culture pretty much every year since it was released.

The F. Gary Gray film, which stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as Craig Jones and Smokey, turned a random Friday in Los Angeles into an epic David Vs. Goliath stoner comedy.

That story of the unlikely hero taking on the neighborhood bully is just one of the many reasons that the film has become a cult beloved classic.

There were the characters, the music and the jokes -- did we mention 'Friday' is hilarious?

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To celebrate, we thought we’d run down some our favorite 'Friday' things that show how the film's influence has remained strong for the past 20 years.

  1. The Film Made Ice Cube A Hollywood Powerhouse Getty Images

    Aside from starring in 'Friday,' Ice Cube also wrote and executive produced the film, helping him become the Hollywood powerhouse he is today.

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  2. It Was Our Introduction To Chris Tucker's Comedic Genius Getty Images

    Sure, Chris Tucker had some minor acting gigs before Friday, but his role as the undeniably hilarious Smokey put him up there with the greats. And you know this, maaaan.

  3. Nia Long Became Our Dream Girl Next Door ReBloggy

    And she's never lost that spot.

  4. 'Friday' Started This Whole 'Bye, Felicia' Thing

    'Bye, Felicia' spawned a whole TV show and too many hashtags to count, but it all started with Craig and Smokey's pesky, crackhead neighbor.

  5. ‘Damn’ Became 'Daaamn' Getty Images

    You almost have to do this every time you’re in awe now.

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  6. John Witherspoon Became Everyone's Pops

    John Witherspoon did his classic bang, bang, bang line in Friday. Fabolous later used this in Ghetto. Them things ain’t too far, he rhymed on the track. And y’all don’t wanna hear 'em go bang, bang, bang, like John Witherspoon.

    We've been laughing ever since.

  7. The Soundtrack Had Bangers

    From 'Friday' to 'Keep Their Heads Ringin',' the soundtrack was fire.

  8. 'Friday' Made Debo The Ultimate Bully Tumblr

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister played Debo perfectly. We're sure he's a nice guy in real life, but rap acts from Horseshoe Gang to Pac Div named songs about his legend. He even inspired Lil Wayne.

  9. And It Helped Inspire Some Great Lil Wayne Lyrics

    On 'Used To' Weezy flipped Smokey's famous 'I got mind control over Debo' line. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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  10. Lupe Fiasco Used Craig’s Debo Fight For A Punchline

    N——s is street? Well, the kid is highway, he rhymed on his Mass Appeal freestyle. And I’m known to sling bricks like Craig in ‘Friday.’

  11. And Khia Has a 'Friday'-Inspired Hit Too

    It’s hard to hear Khia’s My Neck, My Back (Lick It) without thinking of this classic Friday scene.

  12. A Knockout Turned Into This...Every Time

    You’re pretty much obligated to say this any time you see anyone get knocked the f--k out. Thanks, Smokey.

  13. You Learned Not To Pop Up Unannounced

    Nothing like learning (what not to do) from Smokey.

  14. Smokey Inspired Kendrick Lamar

    'The type of sh-t that make you think you seen 'Pac ghost, 'Me Against The World' on you motherf--kers, he rhymed on Celebration.' 'I got my back against the wall and a .45, dog, get smoked, Chris Tucker.

  15. Smokey Also Sparked This Tyga Line

    TGIF, Tyga rhymes on Clique. Thank God it’s Friday / Smokey, Friday / So high, might fly away.

  16. And You Know This, Maaan' Became Your Slogan

    Tucker’s saying became so popular it even inspired rap lyrics. My money talks in a Chris Tucker voice, Fabolous rhymed on Jokes On You. And you know this, maaan. Thanks again, Smokey.

  17. Red Taught You About Chain Tucking

    When Red, played by DJ Pooh, heard Debo’s squeaky (stolen) bike, he tucked his chain (which his grandmama gave him) so it wouldn’t get snatched. Sadly, that didn’t work.

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    Game then cemented this on wax with West Side Story thanks to this line: I ain't gotta tuck in my chain like DJ Pooh.

  18. Ms. Parker Inspired Young Money, Playa And Missy Elliott

    Craig’s neighbor Ms. Parker turned heads in the film. She left a lasting impression on viewers, even inspiring a whole song on We Are Young Money where an infamous Chris Tucker line gets quoted.

    Then, Missy rhymed about Ms. Parker on a Playa track named after Craig's neighbor. Y’all know about Ms. Parker, Missy rhymes on the track. Yeah, Missy, she was kinda hard to forget.

  19. Audio Push Dedicated A Whole Video To ‘Friday’

    They did a phenomenal job of recreating Friday’s greatness in this video. Look out for Big Perm and Ms. Parker cameos.

  20. Smokey’s Speech Became Iconic

    You probably joked about this speech on many lazy days, but it was also used on tracks ranging from Master P’s Pass Me Da Green to Illmaculate’s Friday.