'Full House': 11 Nicky And Alex '90s Outfits, Ranked By Style

Full House 11 Nicky

Way back in 1992, twin boys Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit joined the ' Full House ' family as Jesse ( John Stamos ) and Becky's ( Lori Loughlin ) sons. Nicky and Alex Katsopolis charmed us with their spunky attitudes and iconic bowl cuts, but they were definitely the poster children for '90s fashion.

According to IMDb , the twins turn 25 years old today. (Whoa.) To celebrate their birthday, we decided to rank several of their ~flawless~ outfits.

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    Boys, are those napkins on your head? No, not cool. Unacceptable, actually.

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    Besides the nose picking, it looks like one of you guys is wearing a shower cap. Is that better than a napkin?

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    These checkered shirts with overalls completely sum up the '90s look. Which is why they're getting a lower ranking...

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    TBH, these shirts that aren't checkered but aren't exactly plaid kind of tie with the overalls pic above. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    causa da morte de mitch hedberg
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    There's an awful lot going on here. Wow, such brightness, much '90s.

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    These plaid button ups are cute, but one of you guys really need to get your bowl cut under control.

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    These horizontal and vertical stripes are a little trippy to look at side by side, but they're awesome solo.

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    But these mismatched colored shirts are one good aspect to come out of the '90s. (But if you're over eight, please don't wear this.)

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    All right, now these little Gymboree-esque jackets are pretty dope. Work it, boys.

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    But these all-American jackets are definitely ballin'.

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    However, nothing's better than the 'ripped' sleeve/hat backwards/pouty lip look you guys are totally rocking here. Your daddy certainly taught you well.

Keep killin' the style game, boys!

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