Fuller House Will Finally Introduce The Character You've Been Dying To Meet

Fuller House Will Finally Introduce Character Youve Been Dying Meet

Uncle Joey's love life wasn't a huge part of Fuller House's first season. In fact, it wasn't any part of Netflix's Full House revival. That's set to change in Season 2. Not only will Joey's wife, Ginger, make her debut in the season's sixth episode, but we'll also meet their four children. Yes, you heard that correctly: Uncle Joey has four kids.

Mr. Woodchuck is one busy puppet.

According to TVLine, Netflix is currently casting for the role of Ginger Gladstone, who's described as ' a little clueless in the parenting department .' Joey and Ginger sound like a perfect match, TBH.

The first season of Fuller House made no mention of Joey's life back home in Las Vegas, so most fans assumed that Joey was still a bachelor. But creator Jeff Franklin told TVLine that Joey's family just ' didn't make it into the script ' for Season 1.

The Gladstones and their brood will make their long-awaited debut when they crash Thanksgiving at casa de Fuller-Gibbler. In the meantime, we'll be patiently waiting for Joey's inevitable vasectomy joke.