Funny Or Die Takes Down M.I.A. With 'Paper Planes' Parody

Funny Die Takes Down M

It hasn't been the easiest year for M.I.A. , the envelope-pushing international alt-dance sensation. Though she released what many people believe is her most accomplished album yet in ///Y/ , she has gone through a series of rough patches, including a minor feud with New York Times writer Lynn Hirschberg over a story and a number of concert-related issues (including a show in Los Angeles that had to be canceled and a recent performance in New York marred by sound problems). She has been taking shots on all sides, which is unfortunate considering she was coming off her biggest success with the smash single 'Paper Planes.'

The Funny or Die folks are the latest to take a shot at M.I.A. in a new video that parodies the lyrics of 'Paper Planes.' Jumping off the image of the singer painted in the Hirschberg piece (which posits M.I.A. not as a revolutionary but as the sheltered wife of a millionaire with limited understanding of the politics she preaches), the video takes a handful of brutal shots at M.I.A.'s lifestyle. Actress and comedian Lindy Jamil Gomez plays M.I.A., and she delivers a fairly convincing impression of the singer while also sending up her attitude.

The strikes are pretty brutal. The chorus of the song has been transposed to 'All I wanna do is invest my money/ All I wanna do is/ Check out my Monet,' and in a particularly savage verse, the singer in the video sings, 'We love tasting wine/ Oak and fruit and a little bit of pine/ Let's play 'Cranium'/ Spelling backwards is a lot of fun/ This is why I care/ Give my baby to the au pair/ This is what I feel/ Yeah, my rock is totally real.' It's funny, but also pretty brutal, so here's hoping that M.I.A. doesn't have access to Gomez's phone number.

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