'Furious 7': 26 Heart-Pounding Secrets You Never Knew

Furious 7 26 Heart Pounding Secrets You Never Knew

Just when we've finally had time to dry our tears, ' Furious 7 ' is back to make us cry (and clap with joy) again.

The movie celebrates its digital release today, and hits Blu-ray and DVD September 15. We got an advance look at the behind the scenes featurettes on the home release, and boy, are they enlightening.

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Form which lines were improvised, favorite scenes, how they pulled those stunts off, how they decided to move on without star Paul Walker and more, here are 26 secrets from the making of 'Furious 7.'

  1. Even Ludacris thinks the franchise's success is, well...ludicrous.

    'I have 100 percent stopped trying to figure out how this franchise is going to get bigger and bigger. It has far exceeded my own expectations and I definitely am very blessed to be a part of it,' he said on a bonus featurette.

  2. The cast agrees that Statham is the baddest villain yet.

    'Jason Statham, the word dangerous doesn't even apply. I don't think there's a word in the dictionary,' Ludacris said of Statham's character.

  3. Vin went to the fans to get Statham.

    Vin Diesel said that he asked fans on Facebook who they wanted to see him work with, and the overwhelming answer was Jason Statham.

  4. Nathalie Emmanuel can't drive.

    'I don't drive,' the actress revealed. 'I just never got around to taking my test.'

  5. Tyrese loved adding another woman to the cast with Emmanuel.

    'It was good to have some femininity and smell some perfume occasionally,' he said.

  6. Director James Wan relished the opportunity to explore the world of 'Fast and Furious.'

    'The idea of playing in a playground as big as this one was super-cool,' he said.

  7. The cast collectively decided to finish the movie after Paul Walker's untimely death.

    'We all got together and we were very honest and we looked at each other and said what would he want? That was the big question: do you finish it?'

  8. Though it was sad to finish the film, the cast feels a commitment to helping fans say goodbye to Walker.

    'It was a responsibility that I carried with a great deed of pride,' Tyrese said of finishing the film in Walker's memory.

  9. The Azerbaijan mountain sequence was one of the most complicated of the film.

    Stunt coordinator Spiro Razatos said, 'There's so much going on.'

  10. The mountain car chase scenes were filmed at nearly 14,000 feet.

    The oxygen was depleted, making the complicated sequences even more challenging.

  11. 'Furious 7' stunts have some 'Star Wars' roots.

    'It should feel like the speeder bike sequence in 'Return of the Jedi,'' James Wan recalls of the pitch for the mountain off-road sequence.

  12. They really did throw a car 80 feet to impale it on a tree.

    Big crash.

  13. James Wan's favorite sequence to design was Brian pulled Ramsey from the bus.

    A stunt double was used to fling her onto the hood of the follow car.

  14. Filmmakers only had one take to film a stunt double running off the back of the bus about to fall down a cliff.

    'We did it all practically,' a stunt coordinator said.

  15. In the Race Wars sequence, filmmakers used fans as extras.
  16. 'Fast and Furious' is Iggy Azalea's go-to plane movie.

    She cameoed in 'Furious 7' because she's such a fan.

  17. Vin Diesel improvised that 'girl's still got that swing' line at Race Wars.

    'We worked with the actor to make it a callback to 'Fast and Furious,'' Diesel said.

  18. Michelle Rodriguez has some ideas to up the stunt game in the franchise's eighth installment.

    'You can probably expect flying cars in the next one,' she said.

  19. For elevator scenes, director James Wan created a rotating set piece.

    That way, in the opening, Jason Statham's character could walk off one set, into an elevator, and onto another set without the camera stopping.

  20. James Wan felt a little guilty blowing up Jordana Brewster's house.

    But what must be done must be done.

  21. Michelle Rodriguez didn't even know she was in the end tag of the fifth movie until she saw it in theaters.

    'Thanks for telling me, Vin.'

  22. Tyrese improvised his birthday party distraction patter.

    'You in the back? I hate your hat.'

  23. The film's wedding sequence was actually shot in a church cemetery.
  24. The car Paul Walker is driving in the final sequence is one of his personal favorite cars.

    No prop car necessary.

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  25. Ronda Rousey helped choreograph her own fight with Michelle Rodriguez.

    'She's having a conversation with me while I'm over her shoulders,' Rodriguez said. 'And I'm like, uh, Ronda?'

  26. Rousey's costume had to be modified so that she could fight better.

    The slits had to be added so she could kick -- originally the dress was designed to be a column.