Future’s Fans Sound Off On Purple Reign, His First Mixtape Of 2016

Future S Fans Sound Off Purple Reign

During an interview with Clique TV last week, Future was asked about his next move for 2016, and teased that he already had something brewing.

I know when the wave is going to happen, he said. You just got to be prepared for it to happen.

He wasn’t kidding — over the weekend, the Atlanta MC surprise-released his first big project of the year, a mixtape entitled Purple Reign . The 13-track collection, executive produced by his go-to collaborators Metro Boomin and DJ Esco, was released as a free download on Sunday morning (Jan. 17) The mixtape's arrival comes just a month after Future announced his Purple Reign tour with Ty Dolla $ign , which kicks off Feb. 17.


Purple Reign continues the ubiquitous rapper’s stellar run of mixtapes and, surprisingly, doesn’t include any guest features. Instead, Future shines alone on standout tracks like the introspective Never Forget, the bouncy Run Up, the hazy Perky’s Calling and the Auto-Tune-heavy Drippin (How U Luv That).

Naturally, his loyal fanbase (a.k.a. Future Hive) had a lot to say about the tape. Here are the best and most common reactions:

Many fans said it seemed like Future was returning to his roots.

https://twitter.com/LanceLeauxgan/status/689161915138887680 https://twitter.com/osoblanco_/status/688836614529925122 https://twitter.com/TeAmoJay/status/688809033113931776 https://twitter.com/yourgoddesssss/status/688767849154871296 https://twitter.com/tonypaylow/status/688760934161068033

Basically, everyone's predicting him to conquer 2016.

https://twitter.com/Mr_finessinn/status/689158173232615424 https://twitter.com/kailaphilo/status/689074566413549569 https://twitter.com/Uncle_Rof/status/689022774589976578 https://twitter.com/yungdl0/status/688793946118578176 https://twitter.com/Batelxoxo/status/688741118058565632

Many fans — even Future himself — pointed out how perfect it is to have a mixtape title with a corresponding emoji.

https://twitter.com/1future/status/688597893771620352 https://twitter.com/ExceedTheNorm_/status/688924744687591425 https://twitter.com/beertodisappear/status/688805106754711556 https://twitter.com/CVWestbury/status/688798056024768512 https://twitter.com/_Jimmyyy/status/688782574781501440

And, of course, there were the Prince jokes, referencing the singer’s 1984 album Purple Rain .

https://twitter.com/intrepid_heroin/status/688638299687157761 https://twitter.com/WxLLxxM/status/688946706449346560 https://twitter.com/Do__Me/status/688992035089592320 https://twitter.com/xoxotamira/status/689158142085615616