FYI, The 'Macarena' Song Does NOT Mean What You Think It Means

Fyi Themacarenasong Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

If you grew up in the '90s, odds are you heard the 'Macarena' song once or twice all the freaking time. It's sung by Los Del Río and has that iconic dance with it. You know the one.


The people at Distractify teamed up with 90sFest to translate the song's lyrics from Spanish to English. Then they gathered several '90s kids and replayed the song for them, much to everyone's horror. All the people said they'd heard the song played in elementary school, weddings and even church. Keep that in mind when you watch this video and hear the lyrics.

All right, let's recap:

>> Macarena is the name of a girl in the song.

>> She cheats on her boyfriend while he's away -- with two different guys.

>> Little kids danced to this on the reg.

One of the girls said it best when she shared, 'I'm not so sure if I want to pay attention closely to the words. I think I like the idea of having a happy song.' Needless to say, the 'Macarena' (and our innocence) are now ruined.