Gabbie Hanna Fully Embraces Her 'What If I'm A Monster' Meme Status

Gabbie Hanna Fully Embraces Herwhat If Im Monstermeme Status

Gabbie Hanna asked the world to become a meme back in 2015, and the world has finally made it happen.

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A brief clip of Hanna's Verified episode for Genius , in which she belts out the chorus of her October single 'Monster,' inspired fans to replace the YouTuber's vocals with, well, any kind of sound you can imagine.

Someone subbed in a high-pitched squeal , likely from an animal, while another inserted a vintage Windows launch sound effect. And with entire 'what if I'm the monster' compilation videos being made, it started to feel like Vine all over again.

Shortly after the 'Monster' memes really started taking off, Hanna made reference to them on Twitter as she recreated the more-demonic versions of the meme in text form.

But Hanna's now fully embraced the craze. She even changed her Twitter display name to 'monsTEeeEeRRRRR' and bantered with fans about some of her favorite recreations.

On Monday (December 10), Hanna uploaded a video about the memes on her YouTube channel as a sort of official response. In the 15-minute video, the singer starts by explaining what led to her blowing out the microphone in her Genius episode.

'Before I scream 'monster,' they use the boom mic that was directly above me,' Hanna explained. 'And for the part where I yell, they use the audio from, I believe, the camera. So it sounded not meshed.'

But as an artist who emulates the pop-punk music she loved growing up, Hanna doesn't feel bad about her performance. In fact, she has a pretty positive outlook on it, laughing along as fans poke fun at the video with their wildly creative recreations.

For the rest of the video, Hanna reacts to a bunch of the best 'Monster' memes, even recording a set of follow-up reactions as she continued to find new versions. See some of the best memes — and Hanna's take on them — in her video below.

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