Galadriel Smooches Gandalf In A New 'Hobbit' Poster

Galadriel Smooches Gandalf Newhobbitposter

After getting a peek at Evangeline Lilly's steely gaze in her character poster for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,' the orc armies (or whomever) in charge of creating buzz for the upcoming film seem to have gone into overdrive.

A slew of new posters have flooded the internet over the past day or so, and if you weren't thirsting for an epic war before, you will be once you've seen them. One of the most striking is this one, in which Galadriel extends a hand to a precariously-positioned Gandalf. Did the grey wizard ever meet a ledge he didn't feel the need to dangle from?

Galadriel and Gandalf also seem to be having an intimate moment in this poster, tweeted out by the film's official Twitter stream:

And Thorin Oakenshield is looking angstier then ever atop his throne under the mountain:

And of course, there's Azog. Still defilin'.

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' will be in theaters December 17.