'Game Of Thrones': Forget Jon Snow, Here's Why Ser Pounce Will Save Westeros

Game Thrones Forget Jon Snow

If there's one thing thronies (that's what nobody calls ' Game of Thrones ' fans, by the way) love more than reading George R.R. Martin's books, and watching the show on HBO, it's debating theories. Is Jon Snow really dead ( no )? Does R+L=J ( yes )? When will the next book come out ( who knows )?

There's one theory you've definitely never thought of, but YouTube user AltShiftX has carefully laid out in his latest video, meticulously and carefully, with plenty of evidence from the books to back him up.

That theory? Ser Pounce, King Tommen's adorable kitten, is secretly Azor Ahai, the one who will stop the White Walker army, turn the tide, and save all of Westeros.


So is AltShiftX crazy? There's certainly a fair amount of convincing arguments presented in the video... But you'll have to watch it all the way through to see what he's really, truly getting at. It's a smartly written, well thought-out point that gets to the heart of how we discuss these 'Game of Thrones' theories -- and why George R.R. Martin's writing may not be implying quite as much as we think.

That said, Varys is totally Tyrion's Dad, right?