Girl Code Greatness: Look Back At Nicole Byer's Best Quips

Girl Code Greatness Look Back Nicole Byers Best Quips

Nicole Byer is known for offering a refreshing, unfiltered take on any and all topics -- and soon enough, the Girl Code comedian will be showcasing her unique talents on the brand-new MTV show Ladylike (catch a glimpse of her in action below).

In honor of the upcoming prank-driven comedy series -- which will poke fun at the way ladies should act -- we're taking a stroll down memory lane at Nicole's best blunt quips on this network. Enjoy her priceless Girl Code zingers in the memes below -- and be sure to catch the one-of-a-kind, animated gal every Thursday on Ladylike at 11/10c!

  1. A baby is just like having an animal
  2. Getting tongue-tied around cute boys
  3. The importance of having a good relationship with your man's pet
  4. Dating/Cookie Jars
  5. Comparing her circumstances to a historic event
  6. Honesty about her sex life
  7. Business ideas
  8. Her unique relationships with grandma and grandpa
  9. Put down your mobile device
  10. No calculator necessary
  11. Queen Bey FTW