Girl Trouble: Wil's Love Triangle On 'The Shannara Chronicles' Has A Surprising Twist

Girl Trouble Wils Love Triangle Onthe Shannara Chronicleshas Surprising Twist

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A bona fide love triangle has formed on ' The Shannara Chronicles ,' but this one's just a liiiittle more complicated than most.

Just two weeks ago, half-human, half-elf, total hottie Wil enjoyed an x-rated romp with Eretria after the sexy rover literally charmed the pants off him. Meanwhile, Wil's relationship with Amberle was strictly platonic, but his indiscretion obviously irked the princess -- as proven last week when he asked her to take off Eretria's chains so she could be more of a help during their journey to Safehold.

'Are you sure you don't want her hands free for some other reason?' the princess snidely asked.

The reason for her animosity was obvious: She's totally into him. And that was more than apparent during this week's episode , which opened with Amberle having an adorably romantic dream about Wil: It began with the two of them cavorting in the forest and ended with them having a PG-13 makeout session.

Later, the princess' nighttime vision proved prophetic: Believing that Wil had been killed, Amberle burst with emotion when he finally reappeared (and saved her from that freak Remo).

'I thought I'd lost you,' she said, embracing Wil before the two really, truly, finally shared a kiss -- just as Eretria and crew walked in. Oops .

'Hate to break up the honeymoon, but I'd really like to get the hell out of here,' Cephelo said as his daughter watched in obvious ire.

But did Eretria really have a right to be angry at Wil for hooking up with Amberle -- when she, herself, had tried to do the same?

That's right: Earlier in the episode, the rover let her true colors shine through when she got into a bath with the princess in Remo's castle -- and began flirting even as Amberle launched a verbal missile at her.

'So it's rover custom to jump into bed with every guy you meet?' the royal asked.

'Honestly? It's not just guys,' said the very nude Eretria as she slowly moved through the water and gazed into the eyes of the also-buck-naked Amberle.

When the princess didn't respond to Eretria's advances, Miss E was undeterred. 'What,' she asked seductively, 'afraid you'll like it?'

All together now: GET IT, GIRL!

So tell us: Does Eretria have reason to be angry with Wil -- after all, they only had one hookup -- and is she just as guilty considering she made a pass at Amberle too? Plus, who do you think Wil will wind up pursuing when it comes to the most complicated love triangle in all of The Four Lands? Head to the comments and express yourself, then be sure to watch 'The Shannara Chronicles' Tuesday at 10/9c.