'Glee' Star Naya Rivera Poses Nude For Allure

Gleestar Naya Rivera Poses Nude

Of course 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera wasn't nervous about posing nude for annual issue .

The 26-year-old is no stranger to flaunting her assets. having worked as a Hooters waitress before hitting it big time on the Fox song-and-dance series, though she wasn't necessarily as body confident then as she is now.

'I have nightmares about that job, period,' she said. 'When I was working there, I was really skinny—a lot skinnier than I am now. But I was always self-conscious.' About dealing with her insecurities, Naya said you just 'can't be so hard on yourself.'

And what of the lesbian fanbase she's garnered playing a gay teen on TV?

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'It's kind of cool—and it makes me feel like a badass,' she said. 'I get more girls than my boyfriend. They always tweet me about my booty.'

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