Go Behind The Scenes Of Shakira And Rihanna's Steamy 'Can't Remember To Forget You' Video

Go Behind Scenes Shakira

Watch Shakira and Rihanna

Why yes, we would like to watch two hot megastars film their new music video!

We're pretty sure your heart stopped palpitating the minute you found out that Shakira and Rihanna were joining forces on the very sultry ' Can’t Remember To Forget You .' Hopefully, you can revive yourself long enough to enjoy today's #SHAKIRIRI spoils, which come to us in the form of a JUICY behind-the-scenes video!

Pro tip: You may wanna extend your trip back to Earth a few extra hours, since the full Joseph Khan-directed clip is premiering tonight at 8 p.m. ET on E! So, that's special.

In the clip, we see Shakira doing her signature 'hip gyration against a wall' move, made famous in the ' Hips Don't Lie ' video. Rihanna shows up a bit later, only to NUZZLE AGAINST SHAKIRA and kinda sorta almost makeout with her? Sadly, she doesn't. #AudiblePout

Although perhaps that might happen in the full music video?! Either way, it's basically two gorg girls getting super-close onscreen, so, like, maybe you can remember not to forget to tune in tonight? #SONGTITLEPUNS

+ Watch Shakira's 'Making Of 'Can't Remember To Forget You'' video featuring Rihanna .


Photo credit: RCA