Gorillaz Go Back To Drawing Board For '19-2000' Video, Work With D12

Gorillaz Go Back Drawing Board For19 2000video

Gorillaz are about to release their new single, '19-2000,' to radio, but don't expect another adventurous video to immediately follow. The animated quartet was forced to return to the drawing board after some of the scenes were deemed unsettling in light of September's terrorist attacks.

'We had the video for '19-2000' done ages ago,' said animator Jamie Hewlett, who, along with Blur's Damon Albarn, is the creator of the illustrated, eclectic pop group. 'It was going to be released in America in the next couple of weeks, but because of what happened on September 11, we've had to change loads of stuff that appears in the video. We've got explosions and missiles and stuff blowing up, and MTV can't show stuff like that at the moment because it's of a sensitive nature. So we have to re-animate half of our video, which is a big pain in the ass. So '19-2000' will be slightly delayed.'

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The second single from Gorillaz's self-titled debut, a track that bounces along on a lazy beat propelled by a synthesized melody and cooing vocals courtesy of Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori, is expected to surface at radio on October 23, according to a Virgin Records spokesperson. The revamped video, meanwhile, should be ready for broadcast in mid-November.

Despite the success of the group's first single, 'Clint Eastwood,' Albarn doesn't consider Gorillaz a singles band. For him, the whole album is much more than the sum of its songs.

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'I've never been able to understand what my songs are about at the best of times,' Albarn said, 'and Gorillaz's songs are even harder [than Blur songs] because they're so abstract. The whole album is really what it's about, not any individual bits. A lot of the lyrics — not on that song specifically — are nonsensical.'

While the clip for '19-2000' is being retooled, the prolific group already has a third video and a few new songs on the horizon. The 'Rock the House' clip, the song which serves as the band's third single in the U.K., has a ' 'Rollerball' meets 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' ' vibe, according to Hewlett, and was inspired by the 1969 French film 'Mister Freedom.'

' 'Mister Freedom' sort of involved a futuristic American football game,' he explained. 'And the video features the band playing a game with the ghost rapper. It's a bit of a random one. It doesn't make any sense — it doesn't mean anything — but it looks good and it's funny.'

In September, rappers D12 paid a visit to Gorillaz's Kong Studios in London, where they cut a track with the pop group and Terry Hall of the '80s second-wave ska group the Specials. The recording took place days after September 11, and the unstable atmosphere took its toll on the tune. Though it's still without a title, Albarn hopes to take the song public shortly.

'We had organized [the collaboration] beforehand, and [the terrorist attacks] added a different context — to say the least — to what we did together,' Albarn said. 'We're trying to work out how to put that track out on the Internet for everyone. It's quite a political song, and it needs to be out there now.'

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The track will most likely be posted on www.gorillaz.com, the group's official Web site that garnered them one of their six nominations for this year's MTV Europe Music Awards (see 'Gorillaz, Bizkit, U2 Nab Most Noms For MTV Europe Music Awards' ).

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