'Gossip Girl' Star Leighton Meester Weighs-In On Blair-Dan Relationship: 'They're Good Together'

Gossip Girlstar Leighton Meester Weighs Blair Dan Relationship

The world of ' Gossip Girl ' has become a bit confusing to me, what with all the beautiful people and their petty problems, ridiculous extravagance, too much teenage angst and inexplicable emo-ness, etc. I mean, I will still watch it when it's on, but I sometimes find myself more annoyed than entertained.

That being said, I just can't quit my fascination with Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, so I will occasionally tune in to find out what's going on with them...and imagine my surprise when I checked in to find out that the saucy Waldorf and sensitive Dan Humphrey might be getting nice and close soon! OMG indeed.

Anyway, MTV News recently caught up with star Leighton Meester during the press day for her creepy new thriller ' The Roommate ,' perfect timing to ask Ms. Meester her thoughts on a) the nicknames that have been given to the two couples—'Dair' and 'Chair'—which Leighton called 'cute,' and b) the future of Dan and Blair vs. the future of Chuck and Blair.

'I like that friendship,' she said of Blair and Dan. 'I can’t tell you [what's going to happen]. I don’t know, I like working with Penn [Badgley], and so that’s been very fun,' she said. 'And I think they’re good for each other in a lot of ways, in a way that Chuck and Blair aren’t.'

Before 'Dair' fans get carried away with that little quote, Leighton went on to say that she still has hope for 'Chair.'

'I like Chuck and Blair though,' she said. 'I think they’re good together. And sexy.'

What do you think will happen with Blair, Dan and Chuck? Tell us in the comments!