'Gotham' Stars Tell Us Why Jim Gordon Will Regret Saving The Penguin

Gothamstars Tell Us Why Jim Gordon Will Regret Saving Penguin

You might have noticed by now that we here at MTV News can't. Stop . Talking . About . ' Gotham .'

Last night's thrilling series premiere took us on an exciting ride that included everything from (spoilers, sweetie) the death of young Bruce Wayne's parents to the introduction of Gotham City's insanely corrupt mob-run police department, but nothing should have an affect on Jim Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) life quite like the game-time decision he made at the end of the episode -- you know, the one to save that undeniable psychopath Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin?

Of course we were thrilled to see Cobblepot live -- he essentially stole the pilot -- but the man behind the umbrella, Robin Lord Taylor, told us that this decision might end up being a bit of a headache for the man who will one day become Commissioner Gordon.

'James Gordon and Cobblepot come up together, and because of the decisions that are made in the first episode, their lives are inextricably entwined,' Taylor told MTV News when he stopped by our NYC studio earlier this month. 'They are together, and in a way, they need each other, for good or for bad.'

Yikes! From what we've seen of Cobblepot, who literally slit a man's throat for a sandwich mere minutes after being saved, he is not the type of guy you'd want to be indebted to. But unfortunately for Gordon, the Penguin most definitely has something he can hold over his head -- though whether or not he will is not a done deal, according to Taylor.

'Oswald is constantly looking to find people that he can use to help himself achieve the power that he wants and that he desires,' Taylor added. 'James is there at that moment, and is available for Oswald to somewhat take advantage of. But it's not in a sinister way -- I do believe that Oswald truly respects him, and truly appreciates someone who is actually an honest, good person, because in Gotham city you don't really find that.'

Aw, how sweet. But don't get too attached to the idea of an unlikely Penguin/Gordon friendship just yet, because Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) also stopped by MTV last week, and he said that Gordon's big decision -- while enjoyable for the fans -- will have dire consequences in the world of Gotham.

'He does the big-hearted thing and lets [Cobblepot] live, this guy squirts some tears and begs him, and the first thing he does is kill someone,' Logue said. 'You're like, okay, whoever that old fisherman is, his kids... you need to answer to them, because Jim Gordon didn't do the right thing. There's a moral quandary about what's wrong and what's right in the big city... Jim Gordon messes up this time around.'

'Gotham' airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.