A Great Big World Say 'Everyone Is Gay' On Is There Anybody Out There?

Great Big World Sayeveryone Is Gayon Is There Anybody Out There

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It really is a great big world — one where a relatively unknown band can open for 'The Voice' and become an overnight sensation.

That's the story of A Great Big World, who found instant fame after performing 'Say Something' alongside Christina Aguilera on the reality competition show back in October 2013. Hot off the heels of their double-platinum success, the New York duo released their latest album Is There Anybody Out There? on Tuesday (January 21).

But if you're expecting a bunch of songs just like 'Say Something,' you're in for a surprise.

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'I would say our sound is upbeat, fun, positive music, mostly,' Ian Axel told MTV News, noting the exception of their runaway ballad.

Besides getting love from Xtina, A Great Big World has received a flood of accolades from Kelly Clarkson to OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

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In addition to 'Say Something,' Is There Anybody Out There? also includes the melodic 'Shorty Don't Wait,' the joyous 'This is the New Year' (which was covered by the cast of 'Glee') and 'Everyone is Gay,' an energetic but powerful song the band took on to help raise funds for their friends' LGBTQ site of the same name.

'We wish we had a song when we were younger telling us everything was OK and we can be who we are and we're beautiful,' Axel said, remembering the times they were bullied in their youth. 'We felt like we were doing something right with our time and energy.'