A Great Big World's 'Hold Each Other' Video Douses The World With Color

Great Big Worlds Hold Each Othervideo Douses World With Color

It’s hard not to be mesmerized by A Great Big World -- and not just in reference to the duo’s emotionally gripping ballads. The Hold Each Other video, released Wednesday (Sept. 16), reels in its fans in full slow-mo, combined with color-isolation that draws intense focus to the two singing their hearts away.

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But the track that started as a standard pop love song -- men singing about women -- became much more than that to the duo and fans alike.

All the choruses were ‘something happens when I hold her,’ and we both agreed that I couldn’t sing that honestly, Chad King told MTV News. So, we were like ‘well why don’t you say him?’ That’s sort of when Ian knew and I knew like we had to go this route.'


Hold Each Other is crucial in the movement for pop artists to become more romantically explicit when narrating their feelings in same-sex relationships. While great progress has been made in the industry toward sexual honesty, we still see a great deal of ambiguity, even from artists like Adam Lambert who are fairly comfortable in their own shoes.

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King is trying to take that next leap.

'There have been articles that say that 'Hold Each Other' is my coming out song, but I’ve been out for, like, 5 years, the singer says. Now I’m as out as I can be with this song.

The video concludes with full color -- in contrast to its black and white beginning -- which comes as no surprise, given the group's journey to understanding. With any luck, the Grammy-winning duo will pass on its clarity to its vast audience as well, among others.

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Watch the full Hold Each Other video below.