Grey's Anatomy: Projectile Bleeding and Very Very Big Needles

Greys Anatomy Projectile Bleeding

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When we last saw the folks at Seattle Grace (TWO WEEKS AGO, thanks a lot, ABC), Meredith was crawling over a dead guy into an upside-down ambulance, Derek’s fancy brain-mapping computer crashed in the middle of surgery, Bailey and Cristina had to treat a neo-Nazi with a giant swastika tattoo on his tummy, and adorable Seth Green’s exposed artery squirted a whole lot of fake blood all over Lexie.

So, picking up where we left off on Thanksgiving, Lexie was able to slow the bleeding by applying direct pressure to Seth’s (I’m sure his character has a name, but do we care?) neck. She had to stay with him pressing on the wound while they called for help, and then while he got a transfusion. She was absolutely painted with blood up to her jawline, and but her face was completely clean. Does she wear some sort of body fluid repelling makeup? If so, I can think of a couple of other professions where that might come in handy. Although they were able to get the bleeding stopped for a little while, Seth eventually had a stroke and died a very pale, messy death.

Bailey’s surgery with tattoo guy was more complicated than expected. (Maybe because they sliced right through his tattoo. When I got my tramp stamp, somebody told me that it might mean I wouldn’t be able to have an epidural later because if they stick the needle through the ink it can contaminate the bloodstream. But I have no idea if that is true or not—probably not.) While they were in the OR, her husband showed up for their lunch date. Seems he’s had enough of her prioritizing patients over him. George acted as running messenger between them. George being George, I thought he might be able to come up with a little stammering speech that would save the marriage, but no such luck. However, he did give white supremacist guy quite a talking to when he complained about his now lopsided tattoo.

In the ambulance bay, Meredith had to deal with close quarters (finally a reason for Ellen Pompeo to weigh 72 pounds), working around the dead guy, and Hahn’s lack of tact. The solution turned out to be shoving about the biggest needle you could imagine into his chest, and they were finally able to cut him out. It was refreshing to see her getting a cool medical thing to do for a change instead of having all of her action revolve around her personal issues.

It turns out that Derek’s new friend, ER nurse Rose, has computer skills in addition to her bantering ability, so she volunteered to try fixing the brain picture machine. She was able to fix it, once she remembered to turn it back on. After congratulating each other on their mutual lifesaving prowess, they made out a little bit. Later on, Meredith announced to Derrick that she wants them to be exclusive again -- oops! It looked like he tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t let him say anything

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In the final scenes, Cristina brought Lexie to drink and dance at Meredith’s. Hahn, Callie, and Sloan went drinking together. Best of all, George and Izzie decided that their chemistry is good but their timing is bad. Uh... wrong! Their timing sucks, true, but their chemistry is nonexistent.

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I think the improving trend for this season of Grey’s continued with this sweeps two-parter. Some of the pitfalls (George and Izzie’s icky PDAs and Meredith’s self-centeredness, for example) of earlier episodes were resolved or absent. I hope we can just keep up this momentum through the rest of the season (which will probably be significantly truncated by the WGA strike).

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