Gucci Mane Is A Clone, And He's Got More Gucci Manes To Prove It

Gucci Mane Is Clone

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One of the best and undoubtedly weirdest bits of Gucci Mane –related news since his release from prison in May is the theory that he's actually a clone.

He kind of acknowledged the theory on Kanye West's 'Champions' — 'Now that Gucci's home, it's over for you Gucci clones,' he raps, though that sounds more like a warning to fellow rappers — but went a step further on Snapchat. 'I will neither support not deny those accusations,' he said.

Now, in the video for 'First Day Out tha Feds' — which was the first song he dropped after his release and now, fittingly, is the first visual — Gucci finally comes clean. He is, indeed, a clone.

His Everybody Looking album is due out July 22.