Gucci Mane Shows Off His Car Collection And Toned Tummy In 'Proud Of You' Video

Gucci Mane Shows Off His Car Collection

As much as technology has improved, there sadly isn't a way to drive more than one car at a time yet. So after watching Gucci Mane 's new video for 'Proud Of You,' you'll be perplexed at all of the Rolls-Royces in it. Just how did they get there? Were they all driven by separate drivers? Or did Gucci somehow cast a self-driving spell to get them to follow him to the video's location on the streets?

Whatever the answer to these questions, Gucci Mane has never looked better.

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'Proud Of You' is a video about cars, performance footage, and abs. The rapper's glistening six-pack grimaces at you in each shot as he dirties the hoods of expensive cars with street shoes as he stands on top of them. Gucci's clearly enjoying himself.

About halfway through, we get to see why the song is, in fact, called 'Proud Of You.' He rips a performing stage to shreds with his energy, equally matched by a crowd that threatens to implode. He's come a long way.

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Gucci Mane is releasing a new project, Delusions of Grandeur , on June 21. Last week, he released a collaboration with Meek Mill called 'Backwards.' Recently, he dropped a song with Justin Bieber , ' Love Thru the Computer .'

Watch Gucci Mane stand on top of cars with his toned tummy out in 'Proud Of You' up above.