GZA Disses 50 Cent In New 'Paper Plate' Track, Implies G-Unit's Music Is 'Disposable'

Gza Disses 50 Cent Newpaper Platetrack

The GZA is one less person on 50 Cent 's Christmas card list this year. Who are we fooling? Wu-Tang Clan 's GZA and 50 were never friends. They don't even know each other, but they haven't seen eye to eye since the Genius started dissing the G-Unit last year during a concert run . 50 responded by calling the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder 'irrelevant.'

It took awhile, but GZA is trying to start another round of back-and-forth. He released the G-Unit dis record 'Paper Plate' on Friday . It's the first release from GZA's fifth solo LP, Pro Tools.

'Whipped with Cuban Linx ,' GZA threatens in his 100-plus-bar tirade, produced by RZA. 'Cut by Liquid Swords / Crushed by Ironman till we choke your vocal chords.'

'You ever seen someone who roll with Mayweather/ Rhyme like Ricky Hatton?' asks GZA, who mocks Fif's crew with the name 'Flea Unit.' 'Smash whatever you throw, a thousand is what I'm batting/ Got a few hooks but no jabs .../ Enough to make you vogue on that cover of GQ / Only thing missing is the sheer blouse, homie/ You see-through.'

The title 'Paper Plate,' according to GZA's camp, implies that 50's art is 'disposable.'

Other producers on Pro Tools, slated for release on August 19, include Bronze Nazareth, Allah Mathematics, True Master, Arabian Knight, Jay Waxx and Black Milk. GZA's son, Justice, and Wu-Tangers RZA and Masta Killa are featured on the album.