Haley Webb (a.k.a. The Darach) Says Her 'Teen Wolf' Love Scene With Tyler Hoechlin Took Forever [Video]

Haley Webb Says Herteen Wolflove Scene With Tyler Hoechlin Took Forever


It took only a few seconds for Jennifer Blake to exact revenge on her former pack's Alpha , Kali, but as for the Darach's sex life? Well, that involved a bit more practice to perfect. The actress behind ' Teen Wolf ''s most menacing English teacher recently joined ' Teen Wolf After After Show ' host Morgan Evans to talk about her Season 3 experiences, and she says in the clip below that for all of the stunts and special effects she was a part of, it was actually her love scene with Tyler Hoechlin that required the most work.

Though ' Motel California ' was Haley's favorite episode to film, she shares that nailing the technical aspects of getting busy on camera was grueling. But it's not like she's complaining. 'I sound like I was really miserable during it; I wasn't. I had a great time,' she clarifies. 'It just felt like it took three days.' And if Jennifer hadn't been killed, and her relationship with Derek had lasted, where might they have honeymooned? 'Probably somewhere boring, like Nebraska,' Haley guesses, but then jumps to correct herself. 'Not to say Nebraska's totally boring. I'm sure there's plenty of wonderful things happening there.'

Check out more from the interview below, including whether Haley believes Derek will ever be happy, and tune in to the next 'Teen Wolf' episode Monday night at 10/9c!