Halloween Costume How-To: Take Sweet 'Revenge' As Nolan Ross

Halloween Costume How

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by Melissa Albert

You don't need a Midas-sized bank account to dress like snarky 'Revenge' billionaire Nolan Ross—just a lot of collared shirts. Whether hacking into Grayson Global, hanging with revenge-obsessed gal pal Amanda Clarke or awkwardly hugging his bro-crush, Jack, Nolan always projects the perfect blend of man-child innocence and software-genius smugness. And because nothing says 'give me the good candy' like dressing up as everybody's favorite Hamptons mogul, here's how you cop Nolan's style this Halloween.

The look starts with a super-bright polo, and continues with the all-important SECOND polo, complete with snappy stripes. Make sure both collars are visible and seriously popped. We think the teal in this one (.99, Old Navy) will bring out Nolan's, er, your eyes, but you can also find a goldmine of cheap polo shirts at every single thrift store ever. Top off your tops with an east coast-casual blazer. For ladies rocking the look, we think this lemon-yellow one (.94, Old Navy) is very 'Nolan on a yacht,' but if you've got a khaki or charcoal gray in your closet, that's just as good. Now pull on a pair of khaki pants, or go for a subtle pinstripe (.90, Forever 21).

Alternatively, if you don't feel like wearing pants at all, just put on your best Jockeys and go as 'Nolan smirking at his peons over webcam.' (When nobody gets it, remind them that billionaires play by different rules.) Finish the look with a pair of two-tone boat shoes (, JCPenney): perfect for lounging and perfect for sneaking around the white-haired man's murder complex.

Almost as important as the shirt stacking is the hair. While this year Nolan is rocking a flattering crop, we're still partial to last season's Bieber-on-a-bender shag. If you've got bangs, brush them forward and FLUFF. If not, consider investing in this amazingly appropriately named 'shag man' wig —just 20 bucks!

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Now practice the dry, hilarious one-liners you'll be using all night. Feels good to be Nolan, right?