'Handsome Men's Club': Here's Who Jimmy Kimmel Mistakenly Left Out

Handsome Mens Club

So, if you haven't already caught it, there's Ben Affleck , Gilles Marini, Patrick Dempsey , John Krasinski and oh-so-many more. Of course, Jimmy's not an easygoing president, and plenty of guys get rejected, including Robert Pattinson (we know, but take it up with him, ladies) and Taylor Lautner (diss!).

While we loved his spoof, we couldn't help but feeling like Jimmy left out some very deserving men (you know, besides the aforementioned 'Twilight' studs), and we figured, in the off chance the Handsome Men's Club ever gets revived, we better add in our two cents. So check out our nominees for the elite club after the jump!

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1. George Clooney/Brad Pitt

We've got to admit, we were a little crushed when we realized neither George nor Brad were included as members of the 'Handsome Men Club.' We'd like to think it's because they are the elite of the elite...you know, the ones who are too cool to show up for the meetings or list themselves as members, because really how else could you explain their absence? These two define handsome. In fact, that's why we grouped them together, because at the end of the day we just couldn't bring ourselves to choose one over the other.

2. Justin Timberlake

Jimmy's clip featured more actors than musicians, and we think it's about time he evened out the ratio. After all, there are plenty of handsome singers that much deserve a spot. Most notable amongst them of course would have to be JT . Come on, the guy single-handedly brought 'sexy back,' how are you going to deny him a spot?

3. Will Smith

Really, how could Jimmy forget the Fresh Prince? Has he not seen 'Independence Day' or 'Bad Boys' or anything else where Will runs around in a wife-beater looking oh so handsome ?

4. Joshua Jackson

We don't have a crazy reason for this one except that we've been a fan since the 'Dawson's Creek' days and frankly, the guy's only getting better looking. Plus, he's dating Diane Kruger who herself is a hottie. That should count for something.

5. James Franco

Let's just say James exudes a bad boy persona that we totally adore. We're counting on him to be the rebel of the group and mix things up a bit (like you know, grow a beard or something just to annoy the other members). After all, this is the same guy who dipped out of his movie career for a bit to work on a soap opera. We'd have no doubt he'd keep things interesting.

Anyway Mr. Kimmel, here's hoping you revisit the club, whether it be in your dreams or in reality. Can you tell we're so secretly hoping this club actually exists?

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Who would you induct into The Handsome Men's Club if you could?