Hanson Have Never Heard A Good Cover Of 'MMMBop' -- But Here's Who They Think Could Nail It

Hanson Have Never Heard Good Cover Ofmmmbop Heres Who They Think Could Nail It

OK, there's good news and bad news. First, the good: The two-decade anniversary of Hanson 's breakthrough debut album Middle of Nowhere isn't until May 2017. The bad news is that 'MMMBop,' the disgustingly infectious (and wonderful) song that thrust the three blond brothers into our lives, is now officially 20 years old.

Chances are you first heard this version of 'MMMBop,' which the Dust Brothers produced for the album. But those Hanson dudes were industrious kids, and Taylor, Isaac, and Zac recorded the first version of 'MMMBop' back in '96, now considered the song's 'demo.' It's a little slower and not quite as polished, but that sugar-high chorus still hits real hard.

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To commemorate the song's two-decade anniversary, the three bros talked to Vulture about how it was made, divulging that the chorus started out as a background part on a different song before they wised up and made it its own hook. They did this as literal children, remember.

Also, initially no one was interested in signing 'a young group of guys with long blond hair singing Jackson 5–esque soulful songs' amid the grunge revolution. Thankfully, the group hooked up with a major label to re-record the tune and shortly after burst into our lives, spawning approximately 93,000 cover versions as soon as YouTube came around a decade later.

But have the Hansons heard any notable cover versions they're into? Nope.

'You know why? People can’t sing the chorus right,' Isaac said. 'Most of the time they syncopate it wrong.'

Taylor threw out the possibility of a band like Fitz & The Tantrums doing it right because of their 'sensibility for old R&B,' but Isaac was more keen on a chameleon pop star tackling it: 'If Bruno Mars were interested, he’d probably find a way to kill it.'

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Hear that, Bruno ? You're on deck. Keep practicing the syncopation. The Hanson bros are perfectionists -- don't let them down.