Harley Quinn and The Joker Face Off In New 'Suicide Squad' Pics

Harley Quinn Joker Face Off Newsuicide Squadpics

' Suicide Squad ' has only been filming for about a month, and while we've gotten glimpses the squad's members kicking butt, we've yet to see the most anticipated character in the upcoming DC Universe movie: The Joker.

Now, months after actor Jared Leto first began his physical transformation into the iconic Batman villain, we're finally getting a glimpse of his lime green hair on set. But actually, we're WAY more interested in what's going on with his lovesick companion Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ) in this scenes. Girl, are you wearing glasses? What happened to the pigtails?

Check out the images and see for yourself:

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So what do we think is going on here? Looking at Harley's overall bookish aesthetic here, I think it's safe to say that we might be getting a flashback to how the Joker first met and manipulated her into becoming his partner (and abuse victim).

DC Comics

Originally a doctor at Arkham Asylum, Harleen Quinzel was tasked with trying to rehabilitate the Joker but instead fell in love with him and helped him escape as revenge against a coworker. In the most recent version of her origin story, when Harleen begins to realize her mistake and tries to break free of the Joker, he retaliates by dumping her in the same vat of chemicals that made him the psychotic supervillain he is today. Her skin is bleached white, her hair changes color, and she becomes just as mentally unstable as he is.

After that she pretty much becomes obsessed with him, and, well, you know the rest.

Harley's latest origin is an important part of The New 52's 'Suicide Squad' comic, which the movie appears to be based on given that Harley is even IN the squad -- she wasn't part of the line-up before 2011 . Could she be the lynchpin that the whole movie is based around? Please say yes. We want that a lot.

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'Suicide Squad' hits theaters August 5, 2016.