Harry Potter Fans, It’s Time To Finally Learn What Your Patronus Is

Harry Potter Fans It S Time Finally Learn What Your Patronus Is

Accio Potterheads! If you’ve ever wanted to know what your Patronus would be, you’ll soon have the answer — thanks to the new Patronus test released on Pottermore — a.k.a. the Harry Potter fan site who lived — on Thursday (September 22).

Fans have been wanting to know what theirs would be ever since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , when Harry, Ron, and Hermione first learned about the Patronus Charm (the spell that summons a spirit guardian) in Professor Remus Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

J.K Rowling originally teased the test a little over two years ago, and she proudly announced it today on Twitter. She also revealed her Patronus to be a heron.

https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/778942133231312896 https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/778942632017952768

So drink some Butterbeer, have your wand at the ready, and prepare to learn your Patronus at long last. You can take the quiz here .