HBD, 50 Cent, We Asked An Astrologer To Predict Your Future

Hbd 50 Cent We Asked An Astrologer Predict Your Future

Happy Birthday, 50 Cent ! You are 38 years old today (July 6)! To celebrate, we enlisted the expertise of our resident psychic, Licorice Root , to shed some light on the year ahead. Now party like it's your birthday, dude!

With a new album out last month, Animal Ambition , a TV show on Starz and another soon on Comedy Central, rapper, entrepreneur, and writer 50 Cent must be doing 50 things an hour. Surely, this 4th of July weekend should be special for 50 -- it’s his birthday on July 6th! Let’s sneak a peak at his birth chart and see what fate has in store.

50 Cent was born in the sign of Cancer, a sign that is famous for two things. First, its ability to create a lovely home (no wonder he is so tight with neighbor Martha Stewart). Cancers understand security, both physical and emotional. Second, its tough exterior -- crabs have difficult shells to crack! Getting to know a Cancer, as nurturing and empathetic as they are, can be a difficult feat.

50 Cent is likely doubly tough and impenetrable. In his birth chart, the sun is coming up right behind Saturn, the planet of discipline, restriction and boundaries. This combination influences him to be very serious, tenacious and rigid. He’s no doubt an extremely disciplined person, and the rules he created for living his life are never broken.

So what could magnetize fame toward such a serious -- and probably shy -- Cancer such as 50 Cent? While there is no available birthtime for him, if he were born at any time in New York City on July 6, 1975, his Moon would fall in chatty, happy-go-lucky Gemini, which is a sign that loves to socialize and network. A Moon in Gemini person feels most at home when they’re out and about, in meetings and communicating with others.

Cancer is an extremely creative sign -- all the water signs have a natural knack for the arts -- and 50 Cent’s friendly and confident Gemini moon surely helped him break out of his shell to promote his work. He also has Venus in Leo, which would make him feel very comfortable on stage as a performer. Most of all, this combination of a Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon and Venus in Leo describes a person who is charming -- and while he may not reveal himself so easily, getting others to open up and share their thoughts, feelings and even deepest desires is something that comes easily to him. I’ve never told anyone this before, but... is probably something he hears daily.

So what’s to come over the next year for 50 Cent? With Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, opposing his Cancer sun, I expect that his reputation will shift in some way. It’s possible he may drop one of his many occupations and start a new path in his career. This can also be a very emotionally intense transit because it encourages us to clear out all the things in our life that we don’t really need -- even if we still want to hold on to them. The best way to navigate a Pluto transit such as this one is to let go of the past, which for a sentimental Cancer is never easy to do.

While this sounds like a downer transit, because Pluto moves so slowly around the zodiac, this is not only something that happens once in a lifetime, but it’s something that is pretty rare for someone to experience. Not everyone gets to experience the ultimately cleansing power of Pluto opposed the Sun. Pluto leaves riches in its wake. If he can do the job of letting go, he stands to gain a lot emotionally, physically and financially.

This winter as Saturn approaches his North Node, and a stellium of planets opposes his sun, we’ll likely hear about 50 Cent partnering with new people in all areas of his life -- people who will stick around for the long haul, being that Saturn represents commitment and longevity. The North Node carries a bit of destiny, wherever it lands. When you meet people or start a new project when this point in the chart is stimulated, you feel as though it’s just some how meant to be.

Happy solar return 50 Cent! This is your year to channel Pluto, the planet of power, which as a Cancer (having had produced a show named after it!) you already know plenty about.