He Said/She Said: Do You Believe Robert Or His Catfish Ashleigh?

He Said She Said Do You Believe Robert

A 23-year-old named Robert and his catfish Ashleigh just proved the old adage, 'There are two sides to every story' -- but whose story do you believe?

On tonight's episode of the hit MTV show , Nev and Max learned of the couple's two-year relationship when Robert contacted them for help. The duo, Robert shared, had met online, and romance blossomed after they began speaking on the phone every single day.

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'We fell in love, even though we never met,' he said.

Eventually, the Maryland resident asked Ashleigh to marry him, but his request only prompted her to finally come clean: The pictures she'd sent of herself (below) were fake. The revelation left Robert 'heartbroken' -- so much so that he did his best to forget about her.

There was certainly more than catfish weighing on his mind: In 2009, Robert had become ill and 'ended up paralyzed from the neck down.' He eventually regained movement in parts of his upper body, including his arms, but his prognosis was devastating: Doctors told him that eventually he'd become immune to antibiotics and die.

'I don't know how long my life will be, and I don't want to live with any regrets,' he told Nev and Max. 'I will always regret not meeting this girl. Can you guys help me?'

In a word, yes: Nev traveled all the way to Tennessee, where he collected Ashleigh and brought her back to Robert's place for their very first face-to-face meeting. There, Max asked her the big question: 'When you were talking to Robert, were your feelings for him genuine?'

Ashleigh replied in the affirmative -- but how did Robert feel about her?

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'I don't know. I'm, like, nervous/scared of falling harder and then being hurt worse,' he told Max.

Later, Nev pressed a still-hesitant Robert to express his intentions. 'What do you guys want moving forward?' he asked.

'Friends, at the least,' Robert said. '[And] more, maybe.'

But alas, neither was in the future: When Nev and Max videochatted with Robert two months later, he revealed he and Ashleigh were no longer speaking. 'We tried to be friends, and I just wish she would have been cool with it,' he said. In addition, Robert said he'd been talking to a 'new girl,' and when he told Ashleigh about her, 'She got all pissy with me, and I just couldn't put up with her. It's just for the best -- I can't deal with a lot of drama right now. I have to worry about my health, or I'm not going to be around.'

Ashleigh, meanwhile painted a different picture. 'It was great for the first two days, then we had a fight,' she said. 'He pretty much disregards the fact that I have feelings. I tried really hard to show that I care about him and that I love him, and he doesn't give a f-ck.'

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For his part, Max had words of encouragement for Ashleigh. 'There's a better match for you somewhere else,' he said. 'You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel good about yourself.'

But who do you believe? Do you think Ashleigh couldn't handle just being friends like Robert claims? Or was Robert as insensitive as Ashleigh says? Tell us whose side you're on, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 10/9c.