Oh, Hell No: This Catfish Shut Down Her Shady 'Beau' Like A Boss

Hell No This Catfish Shut Down Her Shadybeaulike Boss

Typically, a love hopeful is the one delivering a hard/firm speech to a dishonest catfish , but during tonight's episode, those roles reversed. And Cierra (the 'catfish') really gave it to Lawrence (the 'victim').

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The tale began when Lawrence asked Nev and Max to help him track down Cierra. She had started leaving him 'flirty messages' on his Periscope two and half years ago, and deep feelings (on his end) formed. The 19-year-old stressed that Cierra always knew what to say to make 'everything seem like it wasn't that bad' in the middle of difficult times and was a solid source of comfort. The distance between the two wasn't that great (he was in Maryland, she claimed to be in Virginia), but plans to meet were always canceled (by her).

While Nev and Max had some doubts about Cierra's identity (they suspected it could be her friend Clifton), she was actually the woman in the photos (hooray). Nev and Max were giddy (heck, they've seen so many frauds through the years), and Cierra gave Lawrence a big hug before saying that she was honest throughout their correspondence. Seemed like these two were destined for a happy ending, right?

Not at all. Nev, Max, Cierra and Lawrence went to get a bite after the initial meeting -- but eventually Lawrence's lack of interest and awkwardness became very apparent. Max blamed it on him being 'super nervous,' but that's when an extremely uncomfortable Lawrence offered some undisclosed information to Nev in private.

'I am engaged,' he revealed, to which Nev perfectly replied with, 'What the f**k are you talking about?' Lawrence fessed up that the engagement happened a couple of months ago and he's 'in love' with his soon-to-be wife.

Next order of business: Lawrence told Cierra (without Nev and Max present). First, she was surprised (as one would be) -- and then when reality kicked in, she appropriately gave him a piece of her mind.

'I don't see the point of you coming all the way out here to see me, making me think, 'You're pretty, I'm coming to see you, I want to see if you're real or not,'' she stated. 'What was the point of that? For you to tell me you have a f**king fiancée. It's just pointless, pointless. A waste of time.'

Nev and Max re-joined the awkward pair and sided with Cierra. They told her that they felt remorse for bringing her into this situation, while she exclaimed that she was 'mad as hell.' Lawrence didn't seem too sorry for his behavior and was resigned to the fact that she was upset, while Cierra stated she was embarrassed.

Much to no one's shock, the two-month catch-up revealed that Lawrence and Cierra weren't communicating -- and he had broken off his engagement. But how would you have reacted if you were in Cierra's position? Share your thoughts on this installment in the comments, and don't miss the next Catfish a week from tonight at 10/9c!

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