Here Are 18 Booty-Poppin' Dance GIFs To Celebrate Dinah Jane's Birthday

Here Are 18 Booty Poppindance Gifs Celebrate Dinah Janes Birthday

Happy birthday to Dinah Jane Hansen, the sassy, Beyonce-lovin', hip-thrusting member of Fifth Harmony . Today (June 22), Dinah turns 18, and I thought there'd be no better way to celebrate her birthday than by paying homage to her killer dance moves.

I might be biased -- after all, she's my favorite -- so thinking back on all the best Dinah moments, my mind turned to our live stream with the ladies back in 2013 (the same one that Dinah left in the middle of and hobbled out to the bathroom). When the girls were asked whom they would eat first if stranded on a desert island, they all turned to Dinah. 'Why, 'cause I'm juicy?' she said, and everyone erupted in laughter. I decided to take that 'juicy' attitude while digging up these GIFs of Dinah Jane. Hope you enjoy!

  1. First off, let's start with the only GIF of Dinah you need, from the 'Worth It' video.
  2. We all know that the chicks of 5H are in sync.
  3. But sometimes Dinah just needs to bust out on her own.
  4. Whether it's a simple little movement...
  5. ... a little slow-mo...
  6. ... or going ALL OUT -- she loves to dance.
  7. She enjoys a little booty shake.
  8. OK, a lot of booty shake.
  9. And some more. Dang -- she really likes to booty shake.
  10. She'll even teach her fans how to do it.
  11. I'm not sure what this move is called.
  12. But all it takes to dance well is a little Dinah confidence...
  13. ... and some self-love...
  14. ... and a smile never hurts either.
  15. But Dinah never underestimates the power of the sly smirk.
  16. I love it when she interacts with her fans.
  17. And does that thing with Lauren again.
  18. But most of all, I love Dinah for being herself. Happy birthday, girl!