Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Dress Like Kanye West This Halloween

Here Are 3 Easy Ways Dress Like Kanye West This Halloween

Listen, we're big fans of Kanye West , so the idea of dressing like him has crossed our minds more than a few times even outside of Halloween. Granted, he's a fashion god, so it's difficult to get that exact level of swag down, but for Halloween, you're allowed a little latitude so long as you hit an approximation of the look. Enter us bearing the following Kanye West costume ideas. You might not be able to get your hands on a real Margiela mask, but with a little elbow grease, we'll get you pretty darn close.

Margiela Masked Kanye

The outfit itself is fairly simple to replicate since Ye is big into minimalism right now, but you'll need a crafty hand and this Vogue cover , cut a hole big enough for your face where Kanye's is, add some straps so you can actually rest the board if you get tired of foam board around your mug all night, and voila! You are Kimye. If you prefer, you can also go the other way and sub yourself in for Kim.

+ Foam Board: Office Depot Brand Foam Boards ( for pack of 3 )

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+ X-Acto Knife: #2 Knife with Cap ( )

+ Ribbon: 2 Inch Black Grosgrain Ribbon 50 Yards ( )

+ Glue: Elmer's Craft Bond Fabric And Paper Glue (