Here Are All The Cameos From Nick Jonas’ Star-Studded VMA ‘Bacon’ Performance

Here Are All Cameos From Nick Jonas Star Studded Vma Bacon Performance

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Nick Jonas 's Bacon is a pretty straightforward song thematically: He wants to throw some bacon on it. We know this because he says it a lot throughout the song. (For the record, I would let Nick Jonas throw bacon on me, but there would be terms and conditions up front. I would also accept a healthier substitute food, like mango slices.)

Since diners are the best places to get bacon — in New York City, anyway — Nick spent a portion of Sunday night (August 28) performing Bacon at the Tick Tock Diner, located directly across Eighth Avenue from Madison Square Garden, home of the 2016 VMAs . And because it's never fun to dine alone, he brought in a whole crew of friends to help bring the song to life (including another Jonas Brother, because of course). Here are all the cameos from Nick's VMA Bacon performance.

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