Here Are The Best Olicity Moments From The 'Arrow' Season 4 Premiere

Here Are Best Olicity Moments From Thearrowseason 4 Premiere

The ' Arrow ' season 4 premiere happened, people, and — brushing right past any flash-forward funerals that we are DEFINITELY not going to talk about in this article (this article is our happy place) — it was filled with #Olicity goodness!

After two seasons of flirty foundry-gazing and one season of heart-rending angst, Oliver ( Stephen Amell ) and Felicity ( Emily Bett Rickards ) are finally together and in a good place. In honor of that good place, here are all of our favorite Olicity moments from this ship-filled season premiere...

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  1. 'Felicity Smoak, you have failed this omelette.' The CW

    Side note: How many eggs do we think Olicity goes through on a weekly basis?

  2. 'I'm all sweaty.' 'I know. It's amazing.' The CW

    Aaand I'm dead.

  3. 'Why'd you get this one removed' 'I didn't need it anymore.' The CW

    Guys, he got Shado's dragon tattoo removed. Because he is letting go of the past. And moving on. With Felicity. (Also probably because now the makeup people don't have to draw it on his back for every single shirtless scene.)

  4. 'Yeah, we haven't talk about it.' / 'Who wants more mimosas?!' The CW

    Domestic!Oliver and Not-So-Domestic!Felicity may be my favorite combination ever. (JK, GreenArrow!Oliver and TechGoddess!Felicity are my faves. But, you know what? We don't have to choose.)

  5. Oliver wordlessly practicing his proposal while he holds souffles. The CW

    ...Before he is interrupted by Thea and Laurel. Rude.

  6. 'What should I say? Our friends need our help. We should already be in the car.' The CW

    Felicity Smoak knows you shouldn't have to choose between being a good significant other and being a good friend. Sometimes, Oliver just needs some reminding. #ArrowFamily

  7. 'Felicity, you said there wasn't even email in Bali.' The CW

    Oliver, of course there is email in Bali.

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  8. 'Deliriously happy with you, but bored with everything else.' The CW

    When Oliver smiles at Felicity scallop ramble, even though he's trying to be mad at her?! Adorable... Is this my favorite Oliver Queen smile of the night? Probably. Do I not even care to clarify because the fact that we have more than one Oliver Queen smile of the night is unthinkable ? ? Definitely.

  9. 'I love every moment I am with you, no matter where we are.' The CW

    Felicity Smoak, for the win.

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  10. Unveiling the new Green Arrow costume. The CW

    Felicity loves Oliver Queen and The Green Arrow.

  11. Oliver staying in Star City because Felicity wants to. The CW

    This city needs Felicity Smoak. Obviously .

  12. 'We can get a rug.' The CW

    Guys, Oliver and Felicity are moving in together. This is not a drill. Yeah, this already happened, but it was over hiatus, so we didn't get to revel in it. (Unless you count Tumblr... )

    This is us getting to see them avoid looking at the spot Thea was stabbed by R'as al Ghul, while also pretending not to notice Moira's engagement ring hanging out in the decorative beads dish. Is there anything more perfectly 'Arrow'/Olicity than that? I don't think so — and I would have it any other way. ?