Here Are Our Favorite Justin Bieber Drawings From The 'Where Are U Now' Video

Here Are Our Favorite Justin Bieber Drawings From Thewhere Are U Nowvideo

What would you do if you got a chance to tag Justin Bieber 's face? If you're anything like the dozens of fans who helped create the interactive video for Jack Ü's 'Where Are U Now,' then you'd probably slip your name in there -- you know, in case JB wants to hit you up.

Or, you'd give him Maggie Simpson's face, or put gigantic angel/devil wings on him, or, well, do some super weird stuff. You'll have to really, really pay attention to the video because it contains like 500 different drawings that you'd might miss if you blink.

Don't despair, though, here are our 21 favorites:

  1. Your Basic Paint Face YouTube
  2. There's Johnson The Snake! YouTube
  3. Pikachu, Pikachu, Pikachu! YouTube
  4. He's Swangin' YouTube
  5. X-Ray Style YouTube
  6. Tony Stark Game YouTube
  7. Serious Self-Reflection YouTube
  8. Tennis Anyone? YouTube
  9. Wu Tang Clan-Adian YouTube
  10. Rubik's Cube Face YouTube
  11. He's Batboy YouTube
  12. Who's The Clown Now? YouTube
  13. It's All Good YouTube
  14. The OTHER Mario Bro YouTube
  15. Major Bieber YouTube
  16. Seriously Spacey Proposal YouTube
  17. That Skrillex Vibe YouTube
  18. Burgers, Shakes And Pancakes YouTube
  19. It's All About The Biebjamins YouTube
  20. Study Hall Was SOOO Boring Today YouTube
  21. He's Only Human After All YouTube