Here Are Some Red-Headed Hotties To Keep You Warm Year-Round (You're Welcome)

Here Are Some Red Headed Hotties Keep You Warm Year Round

For much of the world, the temperatures are (finally) dropping, the leaves have fallen and the snowy cold will rule for months to come. But that doesn't mean your life can't be ~red hot~ too.

viver e morrer em la tupac

The RED HOT calendar has dropped this year, and as expected, every month's model is ?.

Thomas Knights

Since 2013, UK photographer Thomas Knights -- a redhead himself -- has been photographing possessors of the red hair gene to bring attention to bullying.

'I definitely think we have a heightened problem with ginger bullying in the U.K. (and many places in Europe) but from our experience the bullying at school level is somewhat universal. In the U.S. we found a lot of our ginger models were bullied at school about it but once in the adult world, no one really cared,' Knights told MTV News.

But in the U.K., the bullying often follows into adulthood. 'Quite often you find girls not wanting to date a ginger guy 'cause they are worried what their friend would think, or the classic is they 'don’t want a ginger baby,'' Knights said. (Not helping the situation, there's a holiday devoted to kicking redheads, too. Yes, really .)

If you look at these guys, with their chiseled bodies and come-hither glances, you would think that they all have extreme confidence, but according to Knights, that isn't always the case.

óleos essenciais para bolhas de febre
Thomas Knights

'Often [the models] were quite uncomfortable. Many had really suffered bullying growing up so their self-confidence was next to none. I would spend as long as it took to get that one shot where they appeared confident and that made up the majority of the exhibition,' Knights said.

'It was the exhibition and book that has started to mend those scars from the past. More than anything I’m proud to have made a bit of a difference for these guys and the way they feel about themselves.'

Thomas Knights

Watch a video of all 12 gloriously gorgeous gingers (including some in splendiferous motion) below.

To buy the calendar (because you know you want to), go to Ginger Parrot . (There's a girls RED HOT calendar there too, BTW.)