Here’s How Tyler, The Creator Got Fired From Starbucks

Here S How Tyler Creator Got Fired From Starbucks

Tyler, The Creator is a world famous rap star now, but years ago, he was a Starbucks barista.

'Starbucks was cool because I stole cheese danishes every day,' he told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday (Jun. 11). That gig came to an end after 2-and-a-half years of employment, he said, thanks to a new boss.

'This lady named Cindy - she was a new manager - she hated me and she fired me,' he explained. 'I hope she’s watching because I still hate her. Her firing me was the greatest moment of my life.'

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So, how did Tyler get fired exactly?

'One of the shift managers warned me like ten minutes before she fired me,' he said. 'So, I had nine minutes to call my mom asking her what I should do.'

What was his mom's reaction?

'First she was gonna sue Starbucks,' he said. '[Then] she figured out they did nothing wrong.'

And on his last day, Tyler went out with a bang - or at least some pastries.

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'I manned up and said, ‘Alright, I’ll get fired,' and I ate three cheese danishes, he said.

Starbucks wasn't his only odd job before he became an renowned Odd Future MC. 'Fed Ex was just depressing,' Tyler said. 'The spirit was older dudes pushing boxes and okay with it. It scared the living hell out of me. I quit after a week and four days.'

Good thing the rap gig ended up working out. And now, Tyler's even working on a Golf Media app. 'I basically put my world in this one spot,' he said of the app.