Here’s The Next Jason Derulo Song You’ll Soon Be Hearing Everywhere

Here S Next Jason Derulo Song You Ll Soon Be Hearing Everywhere

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Ahead of his hosting gig at the iHeartradio Music Awards on Sunday, Jason Derulo has done what Jason Derulo does best: released a huge pop song that you’ll soon be hearing everywhere, whether you want to or not.

Following past smash hits like Talk Dirty, Want To Want Me, and Wiggle, the latest submission to the JASOOON DERULOOOO canon of radio-friendly earworms is If It Ain’t Love. And the good news is, it’s an utterly infectious, dance-inducing jam that you won’t mind hearing over and over again. Really. (At least, for the first few listens. We can’t confirm anything beyond that.)

Written and produced by the Monsters and the Strangerz, If It Ain’t Love is presumably the first single from Derulo’s upcoming fifth album. If it ain’t love, why does it feel so good? JD wonders over a club-ready beat, before a glitchy chorus of warped background vocals take over. You have to admit, it does feel so good.

Along with debuting his own new track, Derulo also has a single with a cappella faves Pentatonix on the way. The group announced Friday that their collab with Derulo, If I Ever Fall Again, will be the newest single from their self-titled 2015 album.