Here's Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Rihanna's Weird Movie-Within-A-Movie From 'Annie

Heres Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis , Ashton Kutcher , and Rihanna all have a brief cameo in the upcoming version of 'Annie,' but it somehow involves alien lovers and the moon? Doesn't sound very orphan-y to me.

Okay, so this one has many puzzle pieces to put together. A few weeks ago, folks were slightly confused be one of the three new Sia tracks included on the 'Annie' soundtrack — a collaboration with Beck called 'MoonQuake Lake.' Mostly because, well, what the heck does a half-fish girl from the moon and her love affair-never-meant-to-be with an all-human boy have to do with a lil orphan girl? (Or anything, for that matter?)

Well turns out, a lot! One of the newer additions to this 'Annie' iteration is a scene where Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis ' Annie head to see a movie-within-their-movie, called 'MoonQuake Lake.' And in the movie's movie, Kunis and Kutcher are the aforementioned fish-girl and regular-boy, tasked by Rihanna to do something that seems maybe-evil. Mostly because good lord that blue lizard tongue! It suits Rihanna, no?

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'Annie' director Phil Lord is apparently having quite a lot of fun with the whole thing, tweeting Saturday about his 'next project.' Co-filmmaker Chris Miller, tweeted 'It's not hyperbole to say the most important cinematic event of the millennium will have a sneak peek in #AnnieMovie.' Both linked to, which notes that the movie stars not Kunis and Kutcher, but rather 'Andrea Alvin' and 'Simon Goodspeed.'

But who, pray tell, does Rihanna play?!