Here's Everything You Absolutely Need To Know About 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6

Heres Everything You Absolutely Need Know Aboutpretty Little Liarsseason 6

' Pretty Little Liars ' is taking a dark turn in season six as A's games become more demented than ever.

As we already saw in the season six teaser , the season will pick up moments after where the season five finale left off, and A is really amping up the twisted fun and gAmes. We now have an official synopsis for the premiere episode, titled 'Game On, Charles,' and per ABC Family, the Liars and Mona 'must now deal with an angry tormentor.'

'Just when the Liars thought Charles couldn’t get any worse, his games take a more demented and darker turn,' the synopsis reads. 'As the girls struggle to survive, the puzzle of Charles’ story begins to come together.' Now, that's interesting. With only 10 episodes this half season, the Powers That Be will definitely wrap up A's storyline by the midseason finale.

Meanwhile, with the Liars are trapped in A's dollhouse, 'Ezra, Caleb and Toby continue the fight to find the girls with or without Rosewood P.D.’s help.' The Boyfriends Club must eventually track down the dollhouse because the teaser shows a clip of Officer Toby -- and his gun -- inside of it.

What other deets do we know about the upcoming season? Here's everything you absolutely need to know about season six:

  • It's the 'season of answers.' Dre Davis/Instagram

    Okay, okay. We know 'PLL' fans have been burned by this red herring before, but season six is actually shaping up to deliver on some of the show's biggest mysteries -- from 'Who is A?' to 'What the heck does Bethany Young have to do with anything?'

    For example, the season's new 'tomboy' Kimberly Brown, played by model Dre Davis, was seen wearing a blonde wig and Ali's infamous yellow tank top in a selfie the actress accidentally posted on Instagram. (It has since been deleted.) She was also covered in dirt, which has led many astute fans to speculate that she's Bethany Young.

  • There's only 40 episodes left. ABC Family

    That's right, 'PLL' fans. Executive producer Marlene King has confirmed that the next two seasons, which are (unofficially) the final two seasons, will be shortened to 20 episodes each, as opposed to the usual 25. Don't worry -- per MarMar, the show is going out 'in a blaze of glory.'

  • A's game takes a 'more demented and darker turn.'

    The season six teaser trailer reveals A's deadly plan for the one particular Liar: Mona. He's punishing her for conspiring with Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily in the season five finale, and A’s punishment may result in death. As we saw in the teaser, Mona is afraid A is going to kill her -- for real this time. TBH, it wouldn't be the first time A has gone off the rails and killed someone. The Liars really struck a nerve, and now they're paying the price.

    But the Liars won't spend very long cooped up in A's dollhouse. They'll make a swift exit early on in the season. However, the emotional fall-out from their terrifying ordeal will heavily impact next 10 episodes. 'The trauma and the fall-out of that bunker will inform all of the 10 episodes and help them solve finally the mystery of A,' executive producer Oliver Goldstick told ETonline .

  • Varjak, who? ABC Family

    Sigh. It seems there won't be any closure on the 'Who is Varjak' front. But there's a very good(ish) reason for that. 'As the girls say, [Varjack] is a nom de plume, it's another name that A is using. At this point, the girls now have the name Charles, so in this season going forward, the girls are following this trail of 'Who is Charles?' That’s really where the focus is this season,' writer Maya Goldsmith told Bustle .

  • Charles' full identity will be revealed. ABC Family

    When we chatted with King back in March, she told us that the season five finale was the 'beginning of the end' of A's story.

    'So this finale and the next 10 episodes, our summer season, are really closing this chapter in our series,' she said. 'Everything is very condensed [in season six]... By the end of our summer season, almost every question people have been asking for the last three years -- some questions since season one -- will be answered. It's really the end of this story that we started to tell.'

    Furthermore, Goldstick promises, 'you will see A's face in episode 10, that is no lie.' And Spencer will be the lucky Liar who gets the first look.

    'You will finally see A's face and you will understand who A is, how A got to be big A, and it will all make sense,' he told ETonline . 'You will look back and you will all go, 'Wow!'

    Given the fact that 'PLL' will jump ahead four years in the second half of season six, we think it's safe to say the mystery of Charles will be wrapped up by the midseason finale.

  • There will be a major time jump. ABC Family

    'Pretty Little Liars' will jump four years into the future, post-college, in its winter season.

    'We always knew that we were going to reach a point where we finish the story and then we’re going to catch our breath and take this opportunity to move forward -- literally,' executive producer Joseph Dougherty told MTV News . 'Reboot is the word that gets thrown around.' To paraphrase: Ahhhhhh!

    And no one is more excited for the jump than Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell. 'I believe the words are 'champing at the bit,'' Dougherty added. 'There's already been discussions of hair and clothing. So you know they’re serious about it.'

  • One Liar will hear wedding bells. ABC Family

    You can file this under news we never expected: a Liar will be married when we catch up with them after the time jump. 'Will one of them be married? Mmmm…. I'd say yes,' Goldstick told ETonline . 'And that's the kind of stuff we're going to jump into, and I think that's really exciting.'

    Let it be known that we're only okay with this plot twist if it's Hanna and Caleb who walked down the aisle.

  • Toby gets a partner. ABC Family

    He's a real cop now! Officer Toby has found himself a hot new partner in crime-fighting in Travis Winfrey. 'Bad boys bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha you gonna do when they come for you?' the Rosewood newbie teased on Insta.