Here's Exactly How Long It'll Take 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' To Get Sexing

Heres Exactly How Long Itll Takefifty Shades Greyto Get Sexing

Despite the fact that ' Fifty Shades of Grey ' is only four days away from its wide release, critics and journalists have yet to see the oh-so-secret film -- making the gaggle of fans who got to watch the movie for the 'Fifty Shades First' event in New York last Friday (February 6) a lucky bunch indeed. But they're also the most devoted to E.L. James' material, so perhaps it's a good thing that they're the ones reporting from the front lines about just how much sex we'll be seeing from Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan .

Now of course, we've known for months now that we won't be seeing Dornan's todger in the movie, but what will we be seeing, and when? Here's what we know so far, straight from the fans' mouths:

  1. The sex starts laters, baby.

    According to the Telegraph , one anonymous fan managed to sneak in a stop watch -- and they say the sex starts at 41 minutes and 42 seconds.

  2. There is at least one 'full blown S&M' scene.

    According to the same fan, once the sex starts going, it's good -- and at 104 minutes, there is a 'full blown S&M' scene between Johnson and Dornan.

  3. There will be pubes!

    According to The Daily Beast , fan Roberta Curry was surprised by the amount of hair-down-there she saw in the film. 'I was shocked every time they flashed a little pubic hair,' she said. 'There were a couple times when I was like, 'Oh, THAT’S why it was rated R!''

  4. There's maybe a little bit of todger after all?!

    CONSIDER YOUR MIND BLOWN. Per one fan (and the Telegraph) you see, and I quote, a 'glimmer' of 'Jamie's manhood.' This goes against everything we've been taught to believe, but we wouldn't put it past director Sam Taylor-Johnson to treat us to this epic surprise.