Here's How Benedict Cumberbatch Proves He's Not 'A Cute Otter' Anymore

Heres How Benedict Cumberbatch Proves Hes Nota Cute Otteranymore

Benedict Cumberbatch has had many names during his career: Sherlock Holmes, Khan, Smaug and soon-to-be Shere Khan in ' The Jungle Book: Origins .' But one name stands above all of these, and it is simply, 'Otter Impersonator.'

For those of you who don't know, Cumberbatch channels several otters. Consciously or not, he perfectly mimics the vast facial range of otter facial expressions. Tumblr user Red Scharlach first noticed the striking similarities in March 2012. According to her Tumblr's mini bio, she is 'an enthusiastic purveyor of various forms of internet whimsy.' After seeing this hilarious comparison, we couldn't agree more.

Recently, Cumberbatch was a guest on 'The Graham Norton Show,' along with his ' Black Mass ' costar Johnny Depp . Host Norton mentioned the otter comparison, as Depp looked on in utter confusion, asking, 'I'm sorry?' Here's a GIF of his reaction, for posterity.

The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

As Norton ran through a few examples for Depp and the audience, Depp said, 'Someone has a lot time on their hands.' The internet is a black hole, Johnny — remember that. No one is safe from its ~eccentricities~.

Because there are only a limited number of Cumberbatch-as-otters, Norton asked the 'Sherlock' actor to recreate several more. Happily obliging, Cumberbatch just went with it, and he straight up kills it.

But what's really amazing is when Cumberbatch comes face to face with a ginormous teddy bear, a teddy bear both actors seem afraid of, based on Cumberbatch's little hop/startle thing and Depp's uneasiness while hiding in the corner.

The Graham Norton Show / YouTube

Shortly after meeting his new 'friend,' Cumberbatch started wailing on the teddy bear, thus proving to the internet he's NOT 'a cute otter.'

coma essa bunda como mantimentos

Watch the truly LOL-worthy video below.